Divine Ordination

The spiritual controls the physical. Man must understand that he is first a spirit. An understanding of who we are will go along way to determining how we live our lives. 
You will not subject yourself to the laws of the flesh if you are fully aware. If you realize and have the consciousness that you are first a spirit then you will subject yourself to the laws of the Spirit of life.
If God can't trace you and your work back to your ordination (what he has called you to do, your purpose here on earth) that means you've not begun to live. The day you start walking in your purpose, that's the day you start living. 
If you don't have a work with God, that means you don't have a life no matter how long you have been climbing the altar and if you have not met the God of the bible and have not touched substance in the spirit then don't preach what you don't know. It takes a deep understanding of who Christ is and what Christ has done for you to be able to communicate the spirit of Christ to others so they can have life. 
You must understand that Prayer is a part of fellowship. Worship is also a part of fellowship.
Studying of the word is a part of fellowship too. 
The kingdom of God is not haphazard. There are strategies, there are pillars and stratomize.
If you don't know this mysteries, then you can not command dominion because it's s not really by prayers you command Dominion, it's by revelation. The devil does not fear a man that prays but a man that prays with understanding.  
You don't pray into dominion you walk into it by knowledge.What you do not know you can not have mastery over.
On the issue of prayer, we pray by faith. You don't pray till you are tired, you pray till you have touched something real in the realms of the spirit. It's the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man that makes tremendous power available. 
God wants to get involved in everything that concerns you. He wants to commune with you. He wants you to walk with Him with your gaze fixed on Him alone. 
Remember, you are not yet living until you are found in purpose in Christ.

Br. Dickson Ottah - 2021-06-01 12:43:49