Marvis is a 26 years old Orphan from Edo State. Marvis graduated from Auchi Polytechnic and he is a writer and has published a book titled "Success Companion (a youth guide)". We believe that such great minds need to be preserved so they can contribute more to the development of our nation and lead innovative change.

Marvis has been sick 2018 and was diagnosed of Brain AVM (arteriovenous malformation) and had to go through 2 AVM surgeries in 2019 which leg to the removal of part of his skull and paralysis on his left hand and leg. He has an invitation from Mayo Clinic in USA to go for another crucial brain surgery and so  needs 70,000,000. 

It's on this ground that Vital Life Foundation, a faith based youth NGO with the vision to birth, build and revive talents and gifts for the Gospel of Jesus Christ decided to introduce the case of Marvis to the world and call for support for Marvis to raise the 70,000,000 naira for him urgently so he can go for his operation. 

We believe that love heals and life is more precious than fun. Let's all support Marvis and help him live again so he can get back on his feet and achieve his dreams





VLF Movement - 2021-11-22 23:31:23